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15 Reasons Of Reducing Motor Heating

Feb 06, 2021

Speed motor is also called speed motor. Maichuan speed motor is more and more widely used in our daily life. High temperature rise of deceleration motor is the common heating. In operation, there are many reasons leading to high temperature rise of deceleration motor. Only by finding the right reason, can we completely and effectively eliminate the fault of deceleration motor. Today, maichuan has sorted out the following 15 reasons for the high temperature rise of the reduction motor:

1. Stator winding turn to turn or phase to phase short circuit or grounding, so that the current increases, loss increases and overheating. If the fault is not serious, it is only necessary to repack the insulation, and if it is serious, the winding should be replaced.

2. The open circuit of one phase winding of stator or one branch of parallel winding causes three-phase current unbalance and overheating of winding.

3. The cage rotor bar is broken or the coil joint of the wound rotor is loose, which causes the current of the maintenance network to be too large and heat. The copper bar rotor can be repaired or replaced, and the cast aluminum rotor should be replaced.

4. Bearing damage or excessive wear, so that the stator and rotor collide, can check whether the bearing is loose, whether the stator and rotor assembly is poor.

5. If the load is too large, reduce the load or replace it with a high-power motor.

6. If the machine is overloaded due to fault, check the machine and remove the fault.

7. If the starting is too frequent, the starting times should be reduced.

8. If the ambient temperature is too high (over 40 ℃), the three-phase inlet air is too hot and the heat dissipation is difficult, so cooling measures should be taken.

9. There is too much dust and oil inside and outside the motor, which will affect the heat dissipation. Dust and oil should be eliminated.

10. The air duct of the motor is blocked, the ventilation is not smooth, the air inlet volume is reduced, and the sundries and dirt at the air duct opening should be eliminated.

11. If the fan in the motor is damaged, installed reversely or not, it should be installed correctly, and the damaged fan should be repaired or replaced.

12. When the voltage is more than 10% higher than the rated voltage of the motor, or more than 5% lower than the rated voltage of the motor, the motor is easy to heat under the rated load, and the temperature rise increases. The manufacturer of Dalan motor suggests that you check and adjust the voltage.

13. If the phase to phase unbalance of three-phase power supply voltage exceeds 5%, the three-phase current will be unbalanced and the motor will get extra heat, so the voltage should be adjusted.

14. If the open circuit of one phase fuse or poor contact of power switch results in phase loss operation and overheating, the damaged components shall be repaired or replaced.

15. Three phase motor winding wiring error, wrong star connected into a triangle, or wrong triangle connected into a star, running under rated load, will make the motor overheat, should be checked and corrected.