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Ten Advantages Of Servo Precision Planetary Reducer

Feb 06, 2021

Servo precision planetary reducer is used more and more around us. Maichuan servo precision planetary reducer can be divided into orthogonal axis planetary reducer and parallel axis planetary reducer. Today, Xiaobian brings you ten advantages of servo precision planetary reducer.

Servo precision planetary reducer product series - maichuan reducer

1. It has high rigidity. It adopts Cr Mo V alloy steel nitrided hard tooth surface gear. After quenching and tempering heat treatment, the hardness of the base material is 30hrc, and then the hardness of the gear surface is nitrided to 840hv by our advanced ion nitriding equipment. It has excellent wear resistance and impact resistance;

2. The transmission interface of planetary gear adopts full needle roller bearing and multi tooth meshing to increase the contact area to improve the structural rigidity and output torque.

3. The sun gear processed by the whole gear bar has strong rigidity and accurate concentricity. The planetary boom and output shaft adopt integrated structural design, and the bearing configuration of the output shaft adopts large span design to ensure large torsional rigidity and output load capacity; the high transmission efficiency (> = 90%), large transmission power and high radial load capacity realize single-stage series transmission; the high-speed and high-speed transmission of the sun gear is realized;

4. The shell is made of high pressure die casting aluminum alloy. The new production process is adopted to enhance the accuracy of the workpiece. The black anodizing treatment is used for the motor connecting coupling. The surface of the gearbox is treated with non electrolytic nickel, which increases the environmental resistance and corrosion resistance. The fuselage is lighter, increases the thermal conductivity, reduces the internal temperature rise and reduces the heating;

5. Speed ratio range: speed ratio 3 ~ 10000, so that the practical design has good torque and speed matching;

6. Low backlash and high transmission accuracy. The connection between the input end of the clamping mechanism and the motor is adopted, and the dynamic balance analysis is carried out to ensure the concentricity of the interface and the power transmission of zero backlash at high input speed;

7. The high sealing design is good, and the IP65 protection grade sealing design is adopted, all oil injection is lifetime free of grease lubrication, no leakage, lifetime free of maintenance;

8. The modular design of motor connecting plate and bushing of servo precision planetary reducer is simple to install, coaxial output, flange positioning standard, and can connect any type of servo motor from any manufacturer;

9. Compact structure and small volume. The gear box and inner ring gear adopt integrated design with high precision. Compared with the existing reducer of the same type, the volume is small. The tooth shape and lead of the spiral gear surface are trimmed by using 3D / pore design analysis technology, so as to reduce the impact and noise of the gear on the meshing in and out, and increase the service life of the gear train;

10. Servo precision planetary reducer has low noise, less than 60 dB, long service life, more than 20000 hours;