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Double Worm Speed Reducer

Double Worm Speed Reducer


Type: WPWT 40~250
Ratio: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60
Color: Blue/Green Or On Customer Requests
Housing: Die-Cast Iron cast

Product Details


WPWT Worm Transmission Reducer


WPWT 40~250


10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60


Blue/Green Or On Customer Requests


Housing: Die-Cast Iron cast

Worm-20CrMn Ti with carburizing and quenching, surface harness is 56-62HRC

Shaft-chromium steel-45#

Carton and Wooden Case


C&U Bearing




1 Year

IEC Flange

56B5, 63B5, 71B5, 80B5, 90B5, 100B5, 132B5, 160B5




WP worm transmission reducer Advantage

1. Products advantages: High modular design, making all the series apply fewer components,and it can convenient equip electric motor or other driving forces of variety types.

2. The gear unit applies low-carbon alloy steel quenching gear grinding process and shape-correction technology, making the product has larger bearing capacity. The operation is reliable, which can decrease noise and improve efficiency. Transmission ratio is divided into details,and the scope is wide. Combined type can obtain larger transmission ratio.

3. The cabinet applies integral and high-strength casting mode, which has high rigidity and vibration resistance performance.

4. Gear unit is appropriate to be mounted at any space and any angle.

Gear reducer boxes are used to transfer rotation and torque from motor to working machine. Most reducer gear boxes are used to decrease speed by gears in the gear box.

Reducer gear box is much widely used in modern machinery systems, since it's ratio can be up to 1:100 easily, which is much bigger than all gears box, and its abscission is much smaller than all gears when ratio is same.


After 100-hour operation, please change the oil, and flush the gear unit with suitable detergents.

Do not mix the mineral oil and synthetic oil.

Check the oil level in regular time.

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